The Peter Robinson Award for Best Crime Fiction

The Crime Writers of Canada sponsors annual Awards of Excellence. There are ten categories, the most prestigious of which is the $1,000 prize for Best Crime Novel. Hyacinthe Miller, the Chair of the CWC, announced, on 18 May, 2023, that starting in 2024, and for 5 years the, award would be renamed the Peter Robinson Award for Best Crime Novel, sponsored by Rakuten Kobo.

2023 05 18 Robinson Celebration of Life

On Thursday 18 May 2023, CWC Chair Hyacinthe Miller presented Peter Robinson’s widow, Sheila Halliday, with a picture of the future Peter Robinson Award for Best Crime Fiction sponsored by Rakuten Kobo for $1000. The renaming of the award was announced at the Celebration of life held at the Balmy Beach Club in Toronto. The response to the renaming was enthusiastic. “It was quite emotional,” said Hyacinthe.