No Cure For Love – 1995

No cure for love

No Cure for Love has been reissued in 2015. See this page for more information.


A British actress transplanted to Hollywood, Sarah Broughton plays cool, efficient homicide detective Anita O’Rourke in the hit network series “Good Cop, Bad Cop.” She seems to have it all….a beach house in Pacific Palisades, all the peace and privacy she needs to forget her troubled past….then she starts receiving disturbing letters from someone who signs himself only as “M”. Soon, she is plunged into a nightmare of twisted, obsessive love that threatens her sanity, her life and the lives of her friends. Detectives Arvo Hughes and Maria Hernandez from the LAPD Threat Management Unit must explore the lost years of Sarah’s life in order to save her. But Sarah’s memories of the long roller-coaster ride of drugs, sex and rock and roll are vague and blurred. When “M’s” obsession escalates to murder, the two detectives find themselves in a race against time to save Sarah’s life.

Press Reviews

“In No Cure for Love Peter Robinson takes his readers to two places a world apart with ease and authority. He knows his turf and he has seeded it with action, intrigue and fine writing. No Cure for Love is a great read! And it goes on my shelf of favourite L.A. novels.” Michael Connelly, author of The Concrete Blonde

“This is a fast-paced novel with great characters and a tight plot. Robinson has done his homework and his Los Angelenos have the ring of authenticity. Looks like Hughes and Hernandez may just join Banks on the series shelf.” Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

“In Peter Robinson’s newest and most ambitious work, No Cure for Love, endurance becomes a cat-and-mouse game involving the strange trio of a British TV star working in L.A., and LAPD detective haunted by demons from his past and a murderous, love- obsessed psychopath….No Cure for Love is a fine read.” The Windsor Star