Aftermath – 2001


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“A proven master of the British police procedural, Robinson should find a large market for this gripping, psychologically astute tale.” Publishers Weekly starred review

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One early morning in May, Banks is called to a steep, overgrown street in Leeds, where two police officers answering a domestic call have stumbled on a scene of unbelievable horror. In the cellar of 35 The Hill, two people are dead, a third is dying, and behind a door more bodies lay buried. This seems to be the end of a grisly case Banks has been working on for some time, but ironically it turns out to be only the beginning. It is apparent who the murderer is, but Banks quickly finds out that nothing in this case is quite as straightforward as it seems. Many people are entangled in this crime–some whose lives are shattered by it, and some with unspeakable secrets in their pasts. The dead, Banks learns, are not the only victims, and the murderer may not be the only person to blame.

Press Reviews

“Aftermath…demonstrates how the crime novel, when done right, can reach parts that other books can’t….At times harrowing and decidedly bleak, this is an adult novel that bravely examines everyday evil with dtermination and empathy. A considerable achievement.” Maxim, Jakubowski, The Observer

“Robinson…..establishes himself here beyond question as one of the grand masters of the genre.” Philip Oakes, Literary Review

“This is Robinson’s greatest achievement–Aftermath transcends the normal categories of crime writing, it’s a compelling tale of evil, and its ripple effect on everything it touches. It cries out for television treatment.” Janice Young, Yorkshire Post

“Move over Ian Rankin–there’s a new gunslinger in town looking to take over your role as top British police procedural author. It’s taken a dozen novels to do it, but with Aftermath, Chief Inspector Alan banks emerges as a definite contender for fiction’s new top cop.” Mark Timlin, The Independent on Sunday

“If there an Order of Canada-style process for naming detective thriller to Ian Rankin-or-Michael Connelly=like status, I would nominate Peter Robinson. Aftermath is as good a crime thriller as I’ve read since…well, since Robinson’s Cold is the Grave.” H.J. Kirchoff, Globe and Mail

“As readable as crime fictions gets.” Jack Batten, Toronto Star

“Fans of P.D. James and Ruth Rendell who crave more contemporary themes than eithe rmaster has provided of late should look no further than Peter Robinson.” Washington Post Book World

“Engrossing…tension-laden…Peter Robinson continues his probe of human bahavior with a deeper, darker story…The tenacious, thoughtful Banks is even fresher than when Robinson began this eries.” Seattle Times

“A superbly plotted thriller that takes readers into the underbelly of depravity…A splendid page-turner…[It] will bring as many chills as the basement action from Silence of the Lambs.” Chattanooga Times

“Robinson, who has been on my Top 10 list the past two years with his award-winning In a Dry Season and Cold is the Grave, surpasses those entries with this seamlessly plotted book.” Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

“His characterizations are so subtle that even the psychological profiler is stumped–proving once again that classical understement can be eloquent.” New York Times Book Review