Caedmon’s Song – 1990

Caedmons song

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One warm June night, a university student called Kirsten is viciously attacked in a park by a serial killer. He is interrupted, and Kirsten survives, but in a severe physically and psychologically damaged state. As the killer continues, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses, Kirsten confronts her memories and becomes convinced not only that she can, but that she must remember what happened. Through fragments of nightmares, the details slowly reveal themselves. Interwoven with Kirsten’s story is that of Martha Browne, a woman who arrives in the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby with a sense of mission. Finally, the two strands are woven together and united in a startling, chilling conclusion. Non-series novel.

Press Reviews

“Robinson has all the elements in this novel well in hand–pacing, place, character, dialogue–and he keeps the suspense moving right down to the twist ending.” Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

“The author deserves credit for maintaining a strong hold on our attention throughout.” Patricia Craig, Times Literary Supplement

“This is a powerful and haunting novel, ingenious in construction and both intelligent and compassionate. It is also horrifying. Robinson is a fine novelist.” Robin Skelton, Toronto Star

“The characters’ obsessions and extreme experiences with literary overtones and strong local atmosphere remind the reader of Graham Greene….The suspense builds mercilessly to a high pitch.” Burt Heward, Ottawa Citizen

“Caedmon’s Song breaks new ground….Peter Robinson’s control of the intertwining stories is masterful. He brings to the tragedy a cool objectivity and engages the reader in a grip that never relaxes. He is moving into the front rank of crime novelists.” Peter Ferris, Winnipeg Free Press

“A gripping psychological thriller, a harrowing tale of contemporary horror.” Susan Thorn, CP