Not Dark Yet, the new Alan Banks Novel

Not dark yet smallThe New Alan Banks novel, Not Dark Yet, is due to be published in the UK and the USA on 18th March. Here’s a description along with a first look at the cover . A list of interviews and features — mostly by Zoom or email — will follow soon.

“The investigation into the gruesome murders of Eastvale property developer Connor Clive Blaydon and his factotum Neville Roberts at Blaydon’s luxury home reveals a cache of hidden SD cards that cast the murders in an entirely different light. Instead of showing Blaydon’s murderer, the grainy and blurred footage reveals a brutal rape. If Annie and Gerry can discover the identity of the rapist and his victim, it could lead them to the whoever wanted Blaydon dead.

Meanwhile, Banks’s friend Zelda, increasingly uncertain of her future in Britain’s hostile environment, is in Chișinău looking for answers. Her search takes her back to the orphanage where her nightmare began with her abduction at the age of seventeen. A super recogniser, able to recognise and remember faces significantly better than most people, Zelda is determined to bring the men who abused her to justice. But as she stirs up the past, she and Banks soon find it has ripples that reach into the present, plunging both of them into greater danger than ever before.”