Coming Soon: Watching the Dark, the Next Inspector Banks Novel

Banks returns for his 20th adventure in Watching the Dark (UK – 16th August; Canada – 1st September; and February, 2013, in the USA). This time a fellow detective is murdered on the grounds of St Peter’s Police Convalescence and Treatment Centre, near Eastvale, and the investigation indicates that he might have been involved in some dodgy activities. In his investigation, Banks is aided, or perhaps hindered, by a new character, Inspector Joanna Passero, an icy Hitchcock blonde from Professional Standards, eager to prove herself and make the move to Major Crimes. You probably don’t enjoy being told the plot of a book before you read it any more than I do, so I’ll stop there and hope you’re intrigued enough to find out for yourselves how it all unfolds!

Below are the UK, Canadian and US covers. Look for this new Inspector Banks novel in your favorite bookstore very soon.