New Short Story Collection: The Price of Love Now Available in the UK

After its Canadian release, Peter’s latest book, a collection of short stories, is now available in the UK.

Banks fans shouldn’t be too disheartened, as the centrepiece is a new Banks novella called “Like a Virgin,” which I hope will delight both regular fans and newcomers alike. I know it’s not a novel, but it’s about as long as any Simenon’s Maigret novels were!

The other stories in the book, two of them also featuring Banks, are “Cornelius Jubb,” “The Magic of Your Touch,” “The Eastvale Ladies’ Poker Circle,” “The Ferryman’s Beautiful Daughter,” “Walking the Dog,” “Blue Christmas,” “Shadows on the Water,” “The Cherub Affair,” “The Price of Love” and “Birthday Dance.”

The Price of Love will be published by Hodder in the UK on August 6, and in the US by Morrow later in the year. The US edition will also include an extra Banks novella, “Going Back,” previousy published in the UK and Canadian editions of Not Safe After Dark and Other Stories, but never publshed in the US before.”

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